10 Best Intercourse spots for just two individuals with Vaginas

Clits, vulvas, vaginas – oh my! Celebrating pleasure that you know is a year-round essential festivity. Here are ten of the finest intercourse roles for sapphic gender that last an eternity or just provided that your upcoming hookup.

The Lazy 69

With both associates installing on their sides, minds at reverse finishes, you are able to both choose town-going down on each other and stay easily intertwined as long as you want!


Include as numerous lovers as you like in a group of dental. There are numerous tongues to visit about!

Face Seated

One partner sets on their back whilst additional confronts all of them and opportunities themself over their partner’s face. When you yourself have joint or are plus-sized, it is possible to eliminate some weight by bracing your self against a headboard or wall surface. The companion laying down is actually blissfully trapped to tongue your own clit, vulva, or decide to try rimming. Their arms may be able to grab the bum, finger your own openings, or are as long as fondle your chest area.


One partner sets down in addition to various other straddles over the top, experiencing their unique lover. You can consider this aided by the individual setting up wearing a
, which will be perfect for the individual ahead to be in control, including, if you’re trans and checking out gender after vaginoplasty or some one with pelvic discomfort. Test this place with clit-to-thigh grinding nicely or flip around for Reverse Cowhand and present your bum to your companion even though you go for a ride.


This position is actually a vintage for
G-spot pleasure
and a good look at their particular partner’s rump for all the individual topping! If this variation is tough on either lover’s knees, try pillows under all of them.


: Ass-up: sleep on your mind, in the event the throat permits, along with your arms behind you. After that, it is possible to promote yourself or make use of a clit sucking doll while your partner consumes you out or penetrates you. Switch your face sideways or yell in to the bed until you orgasm!


Spooning is actually extremely comfy and an excellent option for many shapes and forms while feeling maximal epidermis get in touch with. The individual into the backside can attain about and enjoyment their own lover’s clit due to their disposal or a vibrator, all while thrusting with a strap-on from behind.


With heads at face-to-face stops and your legs wide spread to let your pelvis to grind along your lover’s pelvis and legs, you can both knowledge clitoral pleasure. Incorporate putting a leg over your spouse’s neck plus some light nipple grabbing. This situation additionally works well with
double-ended dildos
in which both associates can experience penetration a the same time frame and push against each other individuals systems.

Placed Visual Communication

One spouse rests whilst some other partner is actually dealing with all of them with their particular feet wrapped around them. This situation creates intimate eye contact and plenty of opportunities for kissing one another throughout although you tease each other’s clits, show a vibrating rod, or perhaps the individual at the top tours the strap-on.

Bon appétit

While someone is seated from the countertop, feces, ottoman, or swing, additional spouse can stay and finest with a strap-on/hands or check out tasty cunnilingus.


Installing alongside one another whilst you stroke one another is a wonderful strategy to attain parallel orgasm. Mix it and engage mentally with dirty chat or decide to try putting on your stomachs while you grind into one another’s lubed-up hands.

Thighs Up

One partner lies on their in an L-shape employing feet up-and their unique lover can permeate all of them, being able to access the G-spot, or click their unique feet right back toward their mind, if versatile, and try clit-on-clit thumping because of this.

Love “mix-and-mashing” with these positions and have a great time using your own partner(s)!

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